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Steel Swing Automatic gates and Steel Automatic Sliding gates with gate opener

driveway security  gates and gate opener sliding steel automatic security gate and gate opener Commercial sliding gate Car Park Sliding Gate

Steel Automatic Gates and automatic gate openers.

Residential, Body Corporate, Car Parks and Industrial.

Steel gates are often used as security gates and can be sliding gates or swing gates. Traditionally sliding automatic gates have been used for heavy duty or commercial auto gates, with swing auto gates being used in lighter domestic automatic gate driveways. Like most rules, there are exeptions. Sliding automatic gates can be used where room is tight, and swing gates would interfere with parking space for the second vehicle. Melbourne Automatic Gates have used underground automatic gate motors for heavy wrought iron or solid steel gates to 500kg, and industrial rams for commercial gates to 800kg. Most residential driveway gates can have automatic gate motors which can be powered with safe low voltage cable running from the control box. This 24 volt automatic gate system is a perfect complement to access control systems such as intercom access or keypads, or push button remote transmitters which are kept in the car. Our commercial gate systems use stronger 240 volt motors. Steel gates are galvanised, then powder coated or epoxy painted so that they will last and look good season after season. Steel gates can be fitted to masonry pillars, or steel posts set deep into the ground with concrete.
We fabricate Cantilevered steel sliding gates where the situation demands no wheel track.

Powder coat colours for steel gates

BFT Automatic gate openers from Italy, home of the automatic gate.

We stock and supply BFT automatic gate openers. As a world leading brand, BFT have been making automatic openers for 25 years and supply to over 100 countries. BFT motors are sophisticated and robust, with limit switches on all domestic motors so that stops are rarely required. These 24 volt motors can be fitted in almost any situation. Our experience in supplying and installing automatic gate openers tells us that if there's one feature customers demand from their automatic gates, it is reliability. BFT have been manufacturing gate automation systems since the 1970s and have the manufacturing culture to produce safe and reliable automatic gate motors. These electric gate systems can be fitted with battery back up in case of power failure. The control box continually recharges the 12 volt batteries so that they will be fresh if the need arises. We can fit a push button on the control box in case the remote is mislaid and access is urgent. There is nothing more infuriating than having to go to pick up the kids and you can't get out of the driveway because your automatic gates won't open. The gates can be manually opened with a key. Melbourne Automatic gates guarantees your automatic gate and automatic gate motor for 2 years, and we can service your automatic gates in the years ahead, so that you will always have automatic gates that work as they should. We have been building gates and fences around Melbourne for 25 years. BFT commercial motors will open most commercial gates, from car parks to Industrial sites, and we have the factory facilities to fabricate the largest of industrial gates.

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Feature Wooden Gates fabricated and installed by Melbourne Automatic Gates. BFT Phobos Automatic Swing gate motors and Ecosol solar power kit supplied and installed by Melbourne Automatic Gates.

Swing Timber Automatic gates and Timber Sliding Automatic gates with Gate openers

timber automatic driveway gates with access control system sliding auto gate with automatic gate motor Driveway swing timber gate with automatic motor wooden gates with auto gate openers

We stock and sell the following motors........
All BFT motors and accessories come with a 24 month factory guarantee.

Phobos NLSingle swing gate Motors kit $1180
Phobos N Double swing gate motor kit $ 1473
Deimos 24 volt Sliding gate motor kit $ 930
Virgo Double Swing gate motor kit for pillars $ 1250

Delivery to your door Australia wide $ 44

Phobos NL kitPhobos automatic gate opening kit Deimos MotorDeimos sliding gate motor Virgo AutosVirgo auto motors

Urano 24 volt motor for body corporate, small car parks
Icaro 240 volt Sliding gate motor for Industrial gates
Lux Series Hydraulic rams for commercial swing gates

Solid Timber Automatic Gates and wooden gates with steel frames

The mechanical forces on automatic gates which will open and close thousands of times in their life demand that they be built to exacting standards. Our solid joinery wooden gates feature deep mortise and tenon joints which are epoxy glued to create a solid joint. They can be both swing gates or sliding automatic gates. Your automatic gate system will feature the convenience and security which modern automatic gate systems provide while maintaining the ambience and beauty of your period home.
Another option which produces a light but sturdy gate is to build the frame from galvanised steel and fix timber or metal cladding to the gate frame. This method lends itself to a variety of finishes while providing a cost effective and strong gate automation solution.

Access control with remotes, keypad , intercom, proximity cards

Privacy and security can be secured with the access control system that comes with your automatic gates. When your auto gates are closed, they are locked in place and can only be opened using an access control tool. The most common of these is your push button remote . Our kits come with 2 remotes which live on your key ring or in your car, with as many extra remotes as you wish.
Other tools include a keypad with a code number or intercom system. Keypads are useful in where you want a limited number of people to have access to the property. Simply share the code numbers with them rather than having to keep handing out remote gate openers which may not get returned. Code numbers can be changed at will. Also available is a simple push button on the control box or at some other convenient location. We can program your remotes so that they will also open your garage door. Keypads, intercom access, key and push button access are available on all of our systems.
We supply and install Aiphone Audio or Video Intercom systems The visitor pushes the button on the intercom next to your gate. The intercom rings twice inside your house. With Video, you can see the visitor. You may now simply turn the unit off and the visitor has no indication that you are at home, or you can talk to them. When you are ready to allow them to enter, you push the button which will open your automatic gates, or unlock the deadlock on your pedestrian gate.
We also offer access control by Proximity cards. This can be as simple or as complex as you desire. Coupled with the BFT Compass access control software, you can give different levels of access, and record when and where each cardholder has accessed the property.

Automatic Sliding Gate fabricated and installed by Melbourne Automatic Gates.
BFT Deimos A400 automatic sliding gate motor supplied and installed by Melbourne Automatic Gates.



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